How to Do Business Cards for Free

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By printing your own business cards for free, you can reduce your advertising costs. There are a number of sites that allow you to customize and print predesigned business cards. You can print business cards on card stock paper, business card paper or standard 8 ½ x 11 paper.

Navigate to the website for Free Printable Business Cards, and select the category of business card you would like to view. Click the card you would like to customize, agree to the terms for use and click “Download free version.” The free cards will appear as a Microsoft Word document with "" at the bottom right corner. Enter your business information; then, click “File” and then “Print” to print your business cards.

Navigate to the Avery website. Click “Design & print online” and then “Start now.” Enter your personal information to create a free account with Avery, and then click “Submit.” You will be taken to the Design & Print project selection page. Click “Business cards” from the Category section, and select the type of business card you would like to print in the Product section. A picture of each card will appear to the left of the name to assist you in selecting. Some of the cards require the listed type of business card paper so that the final product prints properly. Click “Next.” Click a category to find the business card you would like to customize. Click the desired business card, and select your editing options. Avery allows you to mail merge information into your business cards or to manually edit each card. If manually editing the cards, click “Next,” and enter your company information. If using mail merge, select the placement and colors for your card. Click “Next,” and click either “Print your project” or “Save your project.”

Navigate to the Business Card Star website, and click “Get started now.” Click “Register for free,” and enter your e-mail address and password. Click “Create an account” to access the site and select your business card design. Click the banner for the type of business card you would like to create, and click the card you would like to create. Enter your business information and then click “Next step.” If desired, customize the card using the options for fonts, color and image, and then click “Next step.” (If you elect to add your own image there, a fee will be assessed.) Select the style for the back of your card, and click “Next step.” Select your country, and click “Print card at home.” If you have not added an image, the cards will be free to print. Select how many cards you would like on each page. The options include eight cards per page and 10 cards per page. Your business cards will appear in a PDF on a separate page for printing.