How to Load Paper in a Hypercom T7Plus

The Hypercom T7Plus has the ability to swipe all magnetic stripe cards as well as read contactless radio frequency (RF) cards and fobs. The device obtains card authorizations through a phone line connection. Users can type card numbers into the keypad on the top of the T7Plus. The Hypercom T7Plus only prints on thermal paper that comes in rolls, which sits in a see-through paper holder in the device. Users do not need to feed the paper through the printer’s rollers or paper slots.

Squeeze the black plastic tabs on either side of the paper cover. Lift up to swing the paper cover open. Rest the cover gently on the table or counter.

Place the new roll of paper in the open paper holder. Make sure the end of the roll comes from under the roll and not over it, and that the end feeds toward the machine and not away from it.

Pull on the end of the paper so it sits over the print area normally covered by the paper cover. Swing the paper cover back into position with one hand while you hold the end of the paper roll in place with the other hand.

Make sure both black plastic tabs on the cover click into place, indicating the cover is securely attached. Tear off any excess paper coming out of the printer.