How to Start a Business As a Legal Document Preparer

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Legal documents require precise wording and great detail. Preparing your own legal documents can be accomplished successfully with the proper training. Hiring an attorney to draft simple documents is expensive and may not be worth the expense for less important documents. An alternative is hiring a legal document preparer. You can start a preparation service and make money by drafting documents that many people do not have the time or knowledge to prepare themselves. This type of work is relatively straight forward once you know the rules, but, as a preparer, you are forbidden by law from giving legal advice.

Take paralegal courses to learn how to prepare legal documents. Study the information each course provides. Expand on this knowledge through independent online study.

Set up a website for your document preparation company. Be sure to specify on each page of the website that you are not an attorney and can not provide legal advice.

Review each client request as it comes into your email. Never offer legal advice of any type to any of your clients.

Draw up the documents that each client requests. Use a standard legal document, with the specifics provided by the client.

Exchange the document for the agreed upon payment. Let clients know that you appreciate their business and that you are available to them for any of their future legal document-preparation needs.


  • Build your business by posting your service online on classified ad, social networking and other high-traffic websites.


  • Never give legal advice under any circumstances. Only an attorney may offer legal advice. Violating this rule can result in criminal and civil charges being leveled against you.