Flyers are a great way to promote both large and small businesses. It's possible to design a flyer on a little home computer or by having one done for a small fee from a local printing company. Regardless of how the flyer is made, they all serve the same purpose, which is marketing. For businesses looking to get the word out, either regarding their online shop or even a local place where customers can walk into and browse, there are countless ways to use a flyer. You can hang some in other local businesses such as grocery stores or coffee shops, hand them out to the public, offer them inside a small goody bag or to even mail them out to registered customers to inform them of upcoming events.

Step 1.

Use them as posters. Numerous businesses such as the local grocery store or coffee shop will generally have a board for local advertising. Any business is free to hang their flyer or business card on these designated areas. One could take it a step further by asking the owner of a coffee shop or bookstore if they'd be willing to hang those flyers on the back's of registers where customers will see them during checkout or to even set them on tables where a handful of individuals will be sitting.

Step 2.

Hand them out to the public. A great way to get flyers into a customer's hands is by handing the flyers to them directly. Individuals must check with their local laws first as some areas do not allow this form of marketing. However, for those that do, handing out flyers at places such as the fair in town, the food court in the mall or at a Church bake sale are just a few suggestions on how one might use a flyer.

Step 3.

Staple a customer's receipt to a flyer and place both in a bag along with their purchase. Employees can place flyers in along with a customer's purchase or inside sample bags the business may be handing out to new shoppers who have just walked in. These flyers can mention an upcoming sale or even include coupons to use with their next purchase.

Step 4.

Mail flyers out to existing customers. A big part of business is to keep customer's informed and to remind them of upcoming events. Many large name businesses such as Kohl's, Bed Bath & Beyond as well as Bath & Body Works tend to send out a flyer or coupon to their customers every couple of months. These flyers or large postcards are mailed out to customers who have been in the store before or shopped online and who have agreed to share their mailing address for the company's marketing purposes. A handful of ways to use these flyers is to inform customers of an upcoming event, to offer existing customers a special deal or even to invite those customers into a raffle for a basket full of goodies the company may give out at the end of the month.