When running a business, it is common to have a balance in the "Accounts Receivable" portion of your balance sheet. Accounts receivable is a list of how much money you are owed by customers and other businesses. QuickBooks allows you to enter your accounts receivables directly and also increases the accounts receivable total upon the generation of an invoice. QuickBooks allows you to quickly view your accounts receivable register, which provides detailed information about each accounts receivable entry.

Step 1.

Open the QuickBooks company file containing the accounts receivable account that you would like to view.

Step 2.

Click "Lists" at the top of the Quickbooks menu.

Step 3.

Click "Chart of Accounts" from the List menu.

Step 4.

Click the accounts receivable account to highlight it.

Step 5.

Click "Activities" at the bottom of the window, and then click "Use Register" to display the accounts receivables register.