How to Make a Handyman Flyer

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Creating a marketing flyer for your handyman business is an excellent way to generate new customers. There is a lot of competition for local handyman services in some communities, so it is important to market your services to ensure your business gets its fair share of publicity. A simple flyer is a good first foray into marketing or can be an excellent addition to other marketing tactics that you might have in place, such as newspaper advertising.

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Rank the advantages that your handyman business offers in comparison to other handyman businesses in your area. Does your business provide a unique function or special skills that you’ll want to highlight such as masonry, construction or landscape work? Do you have usual operating hours, or serve a particular geographic area? There may be many important items that you’ll want to mention in your flyer but these may end up as secondary points. If you don’t have any unique skills, don’t worry. A marketing flyer can still be successful for you.

Determine your marketing strategy. The skill set that appears at the top of your advantages list is perhaps what differentiates your business from others and should perhaps be the focus of your flyer. If competition is particularly keen in your local area, then perhaps your marketing strategy should address that situation. Figuring out what you’ll say is perhaps as important as how you eventually say it. Take the time to think through what your business' strengths are in either price, location or skill set.

Do a rough draft of your flyer on 8-1/2 by 11-inch plain paper as a first step. This will be the size of the final flyer so you are working within the allowable space of the finished piece. Begin your flyer message with a catchy phrase to get attention and create interest such as “Lowest Handyman Prices Around” or “24-Hr Handyman On- Call”. This approach is more attention-getting than say just listing your business’ name as the headline in your flyer. You may end up doing a number of drafts before you settle on one with which you are satisfied.

Use a computer to create the final layout from your draft versions. Word processing software like Microsoft Word gives you tons of options for adding color to text, boldfacing text and using different fonts. There are tons of free images available online in Word. Pick an appropriate image and add it to your flyer to add visual interest. Play around with these until you are satisfied with the look. Do not crowd your flyer with creative elements or words. Less is more here.

Use short bullet points instead on long sentences and paragraphs, which will not get read. Instead of saying “We’re open 7 days a week, all year long for your convenience” shorten that to “24/7/365” which means the same thing. If you give free estimates, note that as a bullet point. Finally, be sure to include your contact phone, email and website address. Print your flyers on your home printer or for volume print runs, take it to an office supply store to print.