How to Write a Thank You Letter for Years of Service

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While gift cards, presents or plaques are appropriate ways to show an employee gratitude for their hard work, these gifts mean more when accompanied by a sincerely written letter. Money can be spent, a present can break and a plaque, if hung, simply collects dust. However, the thoughtful words of a thank you letter will be remembered long after the envelope is opened. Such a thank you letter combines business letter format with a basic five-paragraph essay.

Business Letter Format

Set your line justification to flush left.

Type your full name. Press return. Type your work title on the next line. Press return. Type the company's address, using two-line postage format. Press return twice, leaving one blank line after your contact information.

Type today's date. Press return twice, leaving one blank line after the date.

Type your greeting followed by a colon. For example: "Dear Mr. Edwards:" or "Dear Bob:" depending on the level of formality you want to convey. Press return twice, leaving one blank line after the greeting.

Letter Content

Type the introduction to your letter. It should state that you are writing to thank the recipient for years of service. List some general reasons why this person should be thanked and why they will be missed like: their years of experience, work ethic, attitude and expertise skills. Skip a line after this paragraph.

Type a few paragraphs giving specific examples of the items you listed in the introduction. For example, recall projects the person has successfully completed, triumphs your company has shared and ways the person solved problems or conflicts. Remember to skip a line between each paragraph.

Conclude your letter by restating how much you appreciate this person and that you will miss them and their services. Wish them luck in their future endeavors and invite them to return to visit or work (if appropriate). Skip two lines after the concluding paragraph.

Type your salutation. "Sincerely Yours," "With Gratitude," and "Warmest Wishes," are appropriate examples. Follow your salutation with a comma then skip two lines.

Sign your name. Skip two or three lines, then type your full name.

Letter Presentation

Print your remarks on company letterhead or 24-pound bond paper.

Fold the letter in thirds and put in an envelope.

The letter may also be placed inside a greeting card signed by other office members or staff.


  • If you cannot recall specific details about the person, contact someone who has worked closely with them for more information.