The Department of Defense requires military vehicles to undergo inspection for the transportation of hazardous material along public roadways. Such material includes poisonous gases, poisonous materials and radioactive materials. Inspection form DD 626 must be completed for every vehicle that leaves or arrives at military facilities. The inspection consists of the mechanical aspects of the motor vehicle and all cargo spaces where the hazardous material will be stored for transport. The ordnance officer or other designated official has military authorization to complete the inspection.

Write in the bill of lading and transportation control number on form DD 626. Fill in section one to record the inspection documentation. Include the origin and destination requirements concerning the carrier or government organization doing the hazardous materials transportation, the inspection's date and time, location, the motor vehicle operator's name, the operator's license number and a medical examiner's certificate.

Verify the operator has the appropriate paperwork, such as a valid lease, route plan, driver's vehicle inspection report, military hazmat endorsement and other specified information. Document whether the vehicle is displaying the CVSA decal as commercial equipment used for transport.

Write in the necessary information in section two for the physical mechanical inspection. Record the type of vehicle and the vehicle's number. Start your inspection of all parts listed, marking down whether the equipment is satisfactory or not. Leave any additional comments.

Complete the second section by indicating whether you accept or reject the vehicle as appropriate for hazardous materials transport. Indicate whether the satellite surveillance system is in acceptable condition. Write in any additional remarks and sign the document section as either the inspector at the facility where the hazardous material is shipped from or the inspector at the receiving facility.

Finish the inspection by completing section three for the post loading of the hazardous equipment. Place a check mark in the satisfactory or unsatisfactory category concerning the loaded containers; for example, are they secured without moving and does the shipment include proper government shipping papers? Sign the line along section three as either the inspector at the destination facility or at the origin destination. Have the driver sign on the appropriate line.