Florida sales tax is added to the price of goods and services sold by businesses within the state of Florida. Many Florida counties also impose an additional sales tax surcharge. Government agencies, religious institutions, federally-recognized nonprofit organizations and other not-for-profit associations designated on Florida Form DR-5 are exempt from collecting sales tax. These organizations must file with the Florida Department of Revenue to confirm their exempt status.

Things You Will Need
  • Florida Form DR-5

  • Business's organizing and/or incorporation documents

Step 1.

Download Florida Form DR-5, Application for Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption, from myflorida.com. Open the form with Adobe Reader if it does not automatically load.

Step 2.

Read the first section of Form DR-5 and identify the exemption category that best fits your business or organization. Note which documents you will need to support your application.

Step 3.

Gather the necessary legal documents to prove your organization's exempt status, especially your articles of incorporation and 501(c)(3) confirmation letter if available. Make photocopies of these documents on 8.5-by-11-inch paper. Providing documents on a different paper size may delay processing.

Step 4.

Print and completely fill out Form DR-5. An officer of your organization authorized to enter into legally binding agreements must sign the form.

Step 5.

Place your completed form DR-5 and copies of all supporting legal documents into an envelope and mail to the following address:

Management/Exemptions Florida Department of Revenue PO Box 6480 Tallahassee, FL 32314-6480


Call Florida's Exemption Unit of Account Management at 800-352-3671 if you have any questions about your application. They can also send you a copy of DR-5 if you do not have a printer.