How to Remove Ink Sticks From a Xerox 8560MFP

Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images

The Xerox 8560MFP lets businesses tackle a variety of tasks with its scanner, copier and fax-machine capabilities. The machine features a solid ink stick technology, first used by Xerox in 1991, for copying and faxing. Unlike traditional printer ink cartridges, which use liquid ink, solid ink sticks disperse ink by melting when necessary. If an ink stick becomes broken or gets stuck in the machine, it's possible to remove it in just a few minutes.

Take any paper out of the Xerox machine's paper tray and then lift open the ink cover on the top of the machine.

Look inside each ink bin to find the broken ink stick. When you find the stick, slide a pen into the oval-shaped opening at the bottom of the plastic cover. Push the ink stick forward, toward the loading bin.


Push the pen into the ink stick once it has reached the loading bin. Use the pen to lift the ink stick out through the loading bin. Discard the broken stick.