How to Write an Ad Hoc Report

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An ad hoc report is an online query request that is sent to a database. The user enters a query into the computer to create an ad hoc report, which could be as simple as requesting a list of invoices for a specific month. The database generates the results, which depend on the query for the report. Creating an ad hoc report depends on the database system used.

Launch the database on your computer. Double-click the desktop icon to open the database.

Determine what your query is. This will determine how to send your request. When you open the database, you may be provided with several options to choose from, such as the names of members in your organization, if you want to compile a list of their addresses and contact information, or perhaps you want to compile a list of invoices to be mailed out. Depending on the request you want to make, select the section that best applies to this request.

Check off the boxes to specify your request. If you selected the invoice category on your database, you may have options such as month, year, day, type of invoice or service. Check the boxes that apply to help you narrow your request and get the information you are specifically looking for. Go through the database options thoroughly to make sure you are making full use of the query options.

Look for a button on the database that says “Create Ad Hoc Report” and press it. When you press the “Create Ad Hoc Report” button, you may be given further options, depending on your database capabilities. For example, you may be able to specify the type of information that you want to include in your ad hoc report. If you are generating a list of members in your organization or creating address labels, you can select sections such as the name, title, postal address, phone number, member status and email address. What you select depends on the purpose of your ad hoc report.

Click “OK” or “Create Ad Hoc” to submit the query, depending on the database you’re using. The database will generate a spreadsheet or other file organizing the information for the query that you requested.