Form 941, which is the Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return, can be filed electronically to the IRS. However, the form cannot be e-filed by your business. The IRS requires that all businesses electronically file form 941 through an approved intermediary. A payroll service provider that is approved for e-filing and an authorized IRS Authorized Signatory are the two options available to businesses to e-file form 941. The intermediary agent handles the filing process once it receives all of the relevant information.

Step 1.

Find an IRS-approved intermediary to electronically send the form to the IRS (see Resources). An individual business is not allowed to electronically send the form. A payroll service provider is an example of an intermediary you can use.

Step 2.

Organize the relevant information for the intermediary to e-file the form for you. The business name and address, the employer identification number, the number of employees who received compensation and income tax withheld are examples of the information needed to complete the form. Review form 941 to get the exact information the service provider will need from you (see Resources).

Step 3.

Submit the relevant information to the intermediary. Depending on the service provider, you can submit the information at a physical location or mail the information. If you are mailing the information, use certified mail to ensure receipt. The service provider will populate the e-file form with your business information and submit it to the IRS electronically on your behalf.