Free magazines enable you to independently establish a readership base quickly and support the project through selling advertising. Distributing a free magazine can pose challenges, but it also creates a unique opportunity to associate your publication with a popular location or establishment related to its content.

Step 1.

Recruit a team to distribute your magazine outside busy transport locations. These people are normally known as a magazine’s "street team" and generally give their assistance if they’re paid a small sum or rewarded with the opportunity to write something for the publication. In the beginning, when the magazine has insufficient funds to employ people, a magazine’s street team consists of friends and family who want to support the project.

Step 2.

Arrange distribution points with relevant local businesses. For example, if you’d like to distribute a free fashion magazine, you could approach hair salons and independent clothes stores in the area. These businesses often agree to receive deliveries of the magazine and display them for customers to read or take away; however, a business is more likely to agree to become a distribution point if you promise them a free, recurring advertisement within the publication.

Step 3.

Upload a digital version of the magazine onto your publication’s website and allow visitors to view it online. In addition, offer them the ability to subscribe to the physical version of the magazine (in exchange for the money it costs to deliver it).