As outdoor furniture, Adirondack is popular for its easy, casual laid-back graceful design. Its plank construction makes it less labor intensive than other styles of furniture and free easy-to-follow patterns are available in numerous books and on the Internet. If you have woodworking skills and have settled on making furniture in the popular Adirondack style, then you must be considering whether or not someone will actually pay you to do what you enjoy -- making Adirondack furniture. Selling your furniture is no different from selling items in any other business -- it's all about location, location, location.

Step 1.

Investigate if there are any craft fairs near you. Craft fairs are a good place for potential business. To be able to turn a profit, be sure to select a craft fair that will have a large draw in which the attendees look for big items. Focus on furniture and antique fairs where the buyers are prepared to spend a good deal of cash on larger items for their home, otherwise you will waste your time and your money. Furniture fairs are a bit more expensive to get in to, but will give you excellent advertisement for the following year.

Step 2.

Consider consignment in a shop that specializes in furniture. Be sure that the shop contains items that are in a price range that will make your furniture profitable for you to sell on consignment and that your particular style of furniture fits in with the existing inventory -- someone looking for a Louis XIV chair will not be in the market for the casual style of an Adirondack chair.

Step 3.

Contact a few interior designers. Ask your friends and neighbors if they have used an interior designer and if they would put you in touch with them. Interior designers buy furniture at a significant discount from retailers for their interiors but would be interested in finding someone with whom they can deal directly for their exterior furnishing needs.

Step 4.

Ask the locally owned landscaping supply and gardening center if they would be willing to display your furniture and sell it on consignment. A gardening center has the exact customer you are looking for: those with a bit of disposable income who are investing in their property outdoors and would be in the market for outdoor furniture. For the owner, you will be providing them with additional income and a comfortable place for their customers to sit.

Step 5.

Skip the shops all together and list your items online either through Craigslist or eBay. Furniture sellers have been known to close up shop entirely to sell exclusively online. With low overhead and a shop you don't have to watch, online selling of your items may be for you. Be sure and follow eBay's advice for selling furniture and list the items for sale with the weight and shipping clearly marked. For Craigslist, be sure and delineate that your items are pick up only or free delivery within the local area -- whichever works best for you and gets you the best sales.

Step 6.

Arrange for a once-a-year sale to be held locally with other craftsmen. If you belong to a woodworking group or know of other craftsmen in your area, consider renting out a field or arranging a sale in a parking lot that gets a good deal of traffic and advertising it locally. Give it a specific name so that if your sale is successful this year, you can make it an annual event. Use a holiday to draw attention, such as offering pumpkins for sale close to Halloween to bring in additional shoppers.

Step 7.

Donate your furniture to a local shop or restaurant that has a porch area or high traffic such as a local coffee or sandwich shop. Ask if you can mark your furniture and arrange for it to be scored with your name and number or arrange a trophy shop to have you a brass nameplate made so customers can contact you easily.