A vending proposal is an agreement written between a vending company and another party. The proposal is designed to gain vending rights for the vending company from the other party. This proposal states the terms of the proposal including details regarding what vending machines will be used, what products will be sold in them and the percentage of profits the vending company will give the other party.

Begin by stating general details. The details included in a vending proposal begin with the date and the names of the both parties.

State the purpose of the proposal. The purpose is generally to describe a potential arrangement between the parties. The vending company is hoping the other party will agree to give rights to the vending company to place vending machines in or around the specified location. The proposal should state the precise locations the machines will be placed.

Describe the nature of the machines. The quantity of vending machines as well as the products they will contain should be listed. The proposal should state that by signing this proposal, exclusive rights are given to the vending company to sell and disburse these products listed at the specified locations. The proposal should also clarify when the vending company will be allowed access to the locations for the purposes of servicing and maintaining the machines.

Explain the liability issues of the machines. The vendor must explain that all damage to machines is the vendor’s responsibility. The vendor will maintain insurance on the machines to protect against damage or repairs.

State the terms of the agreement. The terms of the agreement define the length of time the proposed agreement would remain in effect. A vendor proposal agreement usually is for one or more years. The vendor will notify the other party within 30 days of the agreement’s end date for renewal purposes. The proposal should also contain cancellation clauses and policies.

Provide information regarding the profits. A vendor proposal states the percentage that the vendor will pay for the location. Different products may have different percentages. For example, soft drinks may pay a lower percentage than candy because the profit margin is smaller.

Provide a place for signatures. The proposal agreement is signed and dated by the vending company. The other party is given a place to sign and date as well upon acceptance.