How to File an Annual Report

Forming a corporation allows business owners to use a professional business structure for their company and enjoy certain tax and liability benefits. Corporations also come with a few housekeeping formalities as required by state incorporation laws. Corporations must have a board of directors and hold annual meetings, for example. Additionally, corporations must file annual reports with the state to provide it with the most current information about the business.

Obtain a blank annual report form from your local secretary of state's office. For convenience, most states provide links to these forms on their websites.

Fill out the form according to its instructions. While annual report forms vary from state to state, most forms require basic information about the business, including its name, location, date of last annual meeting, and the names and addresses of the business’ officers and directors.

Send the form to the business corporations division of your state's secretary of state. Include the filing fee. Note that you may need to file the form with your state's treasury department, such as in the case of New Jersey. Filing fees vary by state. Some states, such as Delaware, allow you to file the form electronically on the division of corporations section of the secretary of state's website.