How to Make T-Shirt Order Forms

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Owning a business that sells or designs T-shirts is a great way to earn or boost income. Making a T-shirt order form that is easy to understand and process is necessary to facilitate sales. While you can create online order forms via merchant software, offline or paper order forms can be easily created using Microsoft Word or Open Office and easily reproduced when you need more. Create order forms using the following guidelines and watch your sales soar.

Open a new document in Microsoft Word or Open Office. Set 1-inch margins on each side of your document. Set your font size to 10 or 12 points and choose a basic, readable font such as Georgia, Times New Roman or Arial.

Insert your logo at the top of the page so customers can identify your company. You can place the logo in the upper left or right corner, or center it in the middle of the top of your form. If your logo includes your company's contact information, this is helpful. If not, type your company's contact information, including website address if applicable, below or next to your logo.

Create an area for your customers to provide information. Type "Name," "Address" and "Phone Number," as well as "Payment Info," to organize the customer's information.

Insert a table into your document by clicking "Insert" on your software's menu bar. You can opt for a simple 4-column form with several rows, and label the columns as follows: "Item Number/Description," "Size," "Quantity" and "Price." If your T-shirts are available in different colors, add a fifth column for indicating color(s). Providing a separate column for each type of information makes the order simple to fulfill.

Complete the order form with a subtotal column and shipping cost column. If your shipping costs are one flat rate, you can include this rate on the form so that customers do not have to fill this out. Include a "Special Instructions" area for customers to add other information as necessary.

Save the order form on your computer. Consider adding "Master Copy" to the document name to make it easily identifiable. If you use Open Office, save your form as a PDF file as well.