The Mars TRC 6800h is a single price coin changer. The TRC 6800h can also be used in conjunction with a bill reader and integrated into vending machines. And whether you've just installed the TRC 6800h or would like to preform maintenance on the coin changer, the TRC 6800h's price and option switches give vending machine operators the ability to set or adjust the coin changer's functions at any time.

Open the utility door on your vending machine to access the rear of the 6800h. Disconnect the 6800h's power cable from the vending machine.

Open the acceptor/gate assembly, located at the top rear of the 6800h. Press the two release clips, located on the sides of the 6800h and near the top of the unit.

Use a pen or an unfolded gem clip to set the 6800h's eight "Price" switches, located near the center of the 6800h's core -- each switch corresponds with a price. Flip on the switches that total the amount of your new vend price. For example, you can set the vend price to 25 cents by flipping on switches 1 and 3 -- Switch 1 has a value of 5 cents and Switch 2 has a value of 20 cents. Leave unneeded price switches off.

Set the "Option" switches, located above the "Price" switches. To enable a feature, flip on the corresponding switch. Likewise, you can disable options by switching them to "Off." You can change options like the acceptance of one dollar coins or the release of a machine patron's escrowed cash.

Raise the acceptor/gate assembly until it snaps back into place. Plug the 6800h's power cable back into the vending machine's power source, and then close the vending machine.