How to File Form 7004 Electronically

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When running a business, dealing with the innumerable forms and files required by the IRS can be a nightmare. Even with extreme vigilance many companies find themselves missing a few important forms as fiscal deadlines approach. This is why Form 7004 exists. Form 7004 is a request for an automatic extension on the deadlines for a number of other IRS forms and files. A properly submitted Form 7004 can allow business owners precious time to gather necessary information and get their tax forms handled with caution and accuracy. If you're interested in filing Form 7004 electronically, you'd be glad to learn that the process is fairly simple.

Navigate to the IRS "Electronic Filing Options for Businesses" page (see Resources).

Select an electronic filing option that meets your specific needs. The most widely used option for Form 7004 is "eFile7004" (see Resources).

Gather the necessary information to appropriately complete the form. An electronic copy of Form 7004 is available for informational purposes (see Resources).

Submit your business name, company address, Tax-ID/EIN and a rough estimation of your owed taxes to your selected electronic filing service. The company will use this information to complete the Form 7004 submission and automatically send it for approval. It should take no more than four weeks to receive a response on the status of the form.