Many states require a business to obtain a license in order to handle certain operations. This is most common with liquor licenses which allow businesses to sell and distribute alcohol. If you have a business and are interested in handling scrap metal, you will need to obtain a scrap metal license from your state. Doing so will require you to obtain an applicable business certificate and fill out a license application, which you can learn how to do in a few steps.

Apply for a business certificate. Prior to applying for a scrap metal license, you will need to prove to your state that you business has a reason to obtain a scrap metal license. You can prove that you need a scrap metal license if the daily activities of your business involve handling scrap metal through a third party. For example, if you own a construction company or if you are a mechanic and currently have to handle your scrap metal through another company you could apply for a scrap metal license. To apply for an applicable business certificate, request an application from your county business clerk. Then fill out the application and wait for your approval.

Organize your business information. Prior to applying for a scrap metal license you will need to have several other business documents handy. To apply for a scrap metal license you will need to obtain your sales tax identification number, a certificate of occupancy document from the department of billings and a copy of your fingerprints.

Fill out your scrap metal license. Request a license application from your local government licensing center and then fill in all of the required information. You may also need to include processing and license fees with your application. Make sure to read the application in its entirety so you do not miss any fees or rules and regulations.