How to Get Pay Stub Information

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At the end of each year, millions of people anticipate the income tax filing period. Some individuals receive their annual pay stub information in December -- at the end of the tax year, while others wait until January or the first week in February to receive their pay stub information. Sometimes individuals move to a new residence and do not receive year-end pay stub information, if it is sent to an old address. In other cases, the year-end pay stub get lost in the mail, individuals move from one workplace to another, employers can make errors in generating reports, and individuals who perform online work at home may not be familiar with accessing pay stub information.

Call your local unemployment office, which handles unemployment pay stub information, if you are missing pay stub information for unemployment benefits you have received during the year. If you are unable to speak with a representative over the phone, or if you get tired of leaving voice messages, go directly into your local unemployment office and write down the name and phone number of the representative who assists you.

Call your employer's accounts payable specialist or finance department. This is standard procedure if you no longer work for this employer. Give the financial representative your name and the dates that you worked for the employer. Then request the dates for which you need documentation of pay stub information.

Call the military finance department on your local military installation, if you are a member of the armed forces. If you need more personalized attention, go directly into the finance department to speak with a representative about retrieving your pay stub information.

Contact an accounts payable specialist or finance department if you have performed 1099 or contract work. Your employer will be able to provide you with pay stub information for the dates that you provided services. As rules vary in different places of employment, you may receive your pay stub information the same day, or it may be sent to you at your current place of address.

Check your online account information if you do work online. If you are unfamiliar with the proper route for navigating a website to retrieve your pay stub information, call your employer or send an email to request the information for dates that you specify.


  • Find a safe place in your home to keep pay stubs in a folder or envelope. It is also important for self-employed workers -- for example, those who perform babysitting, cooking, nightclub dancing or cleaning services -- to record income information on a ledger.