How to Start a Social Networking Website

Social networking websites are used for business marketing, finding old friends and making new friends. Social networking is a phenomenon that has changed the way people in the world interact with each other and do business. Creating your own website allows you to showcase your passions and ideas online. However, you must dedicate the time to educate yourself about networking, options for building a website and tactics for managing a successful network.

Determine who your social networking website represents and what it's all about. Is your social website for fun, dating or business use? Decide if your networking website will be free to the public or cost a monthly fee.

Pick a name for your social networking website. Purchase a domain name for your site. Choose a name that best represents your intentions for the site. If your site is for business marketing, consider a name that relates to certain products or services. For a website that is more causal, use a name that is unique or describes you and the information displayed on the site.

Hire a professional website designer to help you build a unique social network that attracts regular visitors.

Register and create an account with websites that allow you to build your own social network for free. SocialGo, Spruz, Webnoode and Ning allow you to build your own custom social networking website.

Choose a design template for your networking website. Many free websites have templates for you to choose from. Select a design that best represents the social site you want to create.

Add written content, pictures, music and video to your social networking site. Create a social network that is up-to-date, fun, informative and entertaining. This helps bring in traffic to your website. Add new content daily or weekly to keep returning visitors interested.


  • To help increase traffic to your website, post information on other popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.