How to Sell Auto Parts

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As long as there are new cars being manufactured and old cars in need of repair and maintenance, there is and will be a high demand for used auto parts. Consequently, this industry provides a host of sales opportunities. If you want to sell auto parts, apply for a sales position with an auto manufacturer, auto dealer, wholesale or retail aftermarket firm, specialty auto parts manufacturer or junkyard dealer. Or, if you are an entrepreneur, start your own auto parts sales business.

Locate Auto Parts Sales Opportunites

Search newspaper classified ads and online employment websites like career builder, monster and "I hire sales people", for auto parts sales employment opportunities.

Find auto parts sales job listings in the newspaper under the general classified headings "Automotive" and "Sales. To find job opportunities on the employment websites, type "auto parts sales," in their search engines.

Create a written list of which job offerings you would like to apply for and are qualified for based on your experience and education. Follow the application instructions in each ad, and apply for the jobs on your list.

Create Your Own Auto Parts Sales Position

Initiate an auto parts sales job search by targeting employers within a branch of the auto parts industry that you would like to work in. Determine the kind of sales position you want, such as inside sales coordinator, retail sales associate, or outside and route salesman.

Know whom you would prefer selling auto parts to. Is it auto dealers, repair and maintenance shops, or end users? For example, if you want to be a retail sales consultant selling auto parts to consumers via a major retail aftermarket store like Auto zone, apply at one of their branches or on their website.

You can contact any potential employer in the auto parts industry directly by telephone, mail, email or their website.

Begin Your Own Auto Parts Business

Start your own resale auto parts business. Find sources for buying inexpensive auto parts by searching online auto parts wholesalers, junkyards and online auction sites such as ebay and craig's list .

Resell your auto parts at a profit from your own website or auction them on ebay and craigs list.

Telephone and make in-person sales calls to private auto repair and maintenance shops. Market your product(s) with the owner or the person who buys their auto parts.