How to Reset a Ricoh Aficio Smart Chip

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Ricoh copiers with smart chips are digital, multi-functional devices that can be configured to be a copier, fax machine, network scanner or network printer. Because of the complexity of these devices, users can alter the default settings of their copier accidentally. When this happens, you must reset the device back to its original, factory settings. Doing so will erase any stored information, including network IP information and all stored documents on the internal document server. Consult your owner's manual on how to back up these settings and files if you need to retain them.

Press the "." and the "#" buttons on the main control panel and hold down together for 10 seconds. Both buttons must be pressed and held down together for the full 10 seconds.

Release the keys when the copier turns off. After 10 seconds, the copier will turn off then automatically turn itself back on. When it is fully powered back up, it will be reset to the original factory settings.


Test for success. Check the copier settings to make sure the settings that you wanted cleared are no longer saved as the default settings.