For your new salon to flourish, it is necessary to build a stable clientele base. Generic, yet effective, ways to build clientele include passing out business cards, fliers and making radio advertisements. However, you can do other things to spread the word about your salon and bring in more clients. The key to growing your clientele is to always be pro-active, instead of taking a passive approach.

Step 1.

Exceed the customer service expectations of your current clients. Ensure that the visual appearance and atmosphere of your salon is inviting. By impressing your current clients, word-of-mouth advertising will bring in new clients.

Step 2.

Volunteer your services for upcoming fashion shows and hair shows. In exchange for your styling services, ask the host of the event to provide free advertising for your salon. You can also host your own hair show to market your services.

Step 3.

Offer your styling services at discounted prices. For example, if a client pays full price for a perm, give her half off for coloring. If she pays full price for a wash and set, give her a discount on a cut and style.

Step 4.

Provide a courtesy salon visit to individuals in the community, such as waitresses and cashiers. The goal is to treat someone who is in constant contact with people every day. When the individual receives compliments on her hair, she can refer the compliment givers to your salon.

Step 5.

Provide a referral discount or a referral bonus to current salon clients.

Step 6.

Create a portfolio to show off the hairstyles of past clients. For a more dramatic portfolio, include “before and after” shots. Be sure to get permission from your client before placing her picture in your portfolio.

Step 7.

Create a website for your salon. Place portfolio pictures on your website. Include all of your fees, special discounts, office hours and contact information.

Step 8.

When creating your salon website, choose a domain name (website address) that will help drive traffic to your site. For example, if you specialize in discounted weaves in Atlanta, your domain name can be The key is to use words in your domain name that an Internet user would use to find the services you provide.