Employers who use payroll software may not need to create payroll stubs online since the software generates and prints pay stubs. If you do not use payroll software to process your payroll, if you have few employees or if you want to know an employee’s gross-to-net wages immediately, you can make the pay stub online. PaycheckCity’s free online calculator allows you to create payroll stubs immediately.

Step 1.

Go to PaycheckCity.com and sign up for a free registration, which enables you to print the payroll stub. Choose the hourly or salary calculator, whichever applies to the employee.

Step 2.

Enter the tax year and state of employment. Enter the employee’s pay rate and hours, or gross salary (if salaried) for the pay period. Select the appropriate pay frequency, such as weekly or biweekly.

Step 3.

Consult the employee’s W-4 form and state withholding tax form (if applicable) for federal income tax and state withholding conditions; enter the respective filing status and number of allowances/exemptions into the calculator. Input the employee’s voluntary deductions, such as 401(k), and medical and dental premiums. If the voluntary deduction is pretax, check the appropriate tax exemption box.

Step 4.

Calculate the paycheck. The calculator gives you the employee’s gross-to-net wages, and a payroll stub that you can print.


To arrive at gross-to-net wages, subtract the employee’s deductions from gross earnings. Payroll service providers, such as Intuit Online Payroll, that offer online payroll processing services, allow you to print paychecks instantly to your own printer. You can use the company’s online paycheck calculator to calculate gross-to-net wages, handwrite the paychecks, and create pay stubs on plain paper or via a spreadsheet program.