Automatic Date Processing, or ADP, offers a variety of payroll, tax, human resources and benefits administration solutions. The payroll product solutions offer payroll management for small, medium and large businesses. ADP provides services for payroll processing including professionally printed paychecks or a payroll debit card. Along with the paycheck or payroll debit card, ADP provides pay stubs that display detailed information regarding wages, withholding and benefits.

Start in the top left corner of the pay stub. The "CO" is the company name and file number is to the right of the name. The "DEPT." is the number assigned to the department in which you work and the "Clock" is the time-clock number assigned to the employee. The number indicates the check number.

The pay stub includes the company's name and full address and the recipient's name and address information. The taxable marital status, exemptions and allowances are all required for reporting tax information.

Scroll down the pay stub to the middle section and locate the "Earnings" section. The earnings information is a detailed record of regular, overtime, holiday, bonus, vacation and any other earnings. The earnings information includes a breakdown of the rate, hours, amount received for the current pay period and the year-to-date earnings.

Look below the earnings section and locate "Deductions." Common payroll deductions include federal income tax, Social Security tax, Medicare tax as well as other state income tax withholding. The "Other" section below deductions represents the deductions such as 401(k) and other taxable and non-taxable withholding.

Locate the second column on the pay stub and review the "Important Notes." This section provides company payroll information to the employee. Any important announcements that may affect the employee is under the "Important Notes" section.