A mobile spa business would seem like a service that sells itself, but advertising is a necessary function for most small businesses. Finding various ways to advertise your mobile spa business may help you build a steady client base. One strategy could be to advertise your mobile service toward people who are too busy or physically unable to visit a spa. This would allow your prospective clients to experience services such as massages, manicures and facials without having to travel, according to Entrepreneur.com.

Step 1.

Promote your mobile spa business by using magnetic signs that you can display on your vehicle. Signs on your vehicle will help advertise your business as you drive. Park your vehicle in strategic locations, such as local events, shopping centers and places that offer high visibility to help advertise your spa business. Purchase magnetic signs for your vehicle from a local printer or stationery store. Your signs will require custom printing to display your business name, phone number, website, slogan and a company logo or design.

Step 2.

Create printed materials that will entice prospective spa clients to try your service. Order business cards, brochures, flyers and other types of promotional items to help advertise your business. Distribute your printed items to local merchants, coffee shops, libraries and places that will allow you to leave promotional materials. Advertise your business to current, former and prospective clients by mailing printed materials for your spa business. Mention any specials, coupons or new services that your business provides.

Step 3.

Hire someone to build a website for your spa business. Advertise the services that are provided by your spa business, as well as the mobile features of your company. Include your service areas and hours of operation on your website. Make a web page that reflects information about your experience, popular services and testimonials from satisfied clients.

Step 4.

Advertise your mobile spa business in local Yellow Page directories. Some consumers who shop for service-related businesses rely on local phone books or directories. Use a display ad to help promote your mobile spa business.

Step 5.

Ask members of your family, friends and clients to help spread the word about your mobile spa business. Personal recommendations may help advertise your business and give a satisfied client an opportunity to express her experience with your spa service.