How to Print Logos on Balloons

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Printing logos on balloons is a fun way to advertise your company and can be a nice addition to a promotional event. They are fairly cheap to order and can serve to increase the visibility of your business for any passersby. Because you cannot feed balloons through a standard printer, you will need to pay for a printing service to custom-print your order. Different types of printing and different types of balloons are available, so spend some time researching what makes sense for you.

Consider how many balloons you want for your initial order. Think about the event where your balloons will be displayed or handed out and how many people will be attending.

Browse through custom printing services on the Internet. Each service has different deals available, depending on your quantity, balloon type, whether or not you want a color print and other details of your order. Services like Beantown Balloons, Balloon Printing and Balloons Tomorrow all offer custom balloon printing, but one company’s deals may be more suitable for you than another. Getting a price quote from each website will allow for easier side-by-side comparison.

Save your logo as an image file on your hard drive. Ideally, you will have a digital copy of it, but scanning it is an option as well. A higher-resolution image file will produce a sharper image on the balloon. View the logo at “print size” in an image editing program to get an idea of how large it is at full resolution.

Upload or email your logo to the website. Some services may ask you to use a design template that will be available for download on the website. This will require you to transfer your image file to the template and then export the template to an image file. If you do use a design template, make sure your image is not cut off by the margins in the template. The last thing you want is to lose the name of your business by having it bleed through the edges of the template. Others will ask to upload an image file directly with no template necessary. Each company will specifically direct you on how to send them your file.


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