The phone has certainly come a long way since Alexander Graham Bell yelled into his primitive invention: "Come here Mr. Watson, I want to see you!" Now, phones can have from one to many lines and can help in the running of small to large businesses. However, using multi-line phone systems may take some getting used to.

Program auto dial by pressing the key labeled "Autodial" with the headset on the rest. Dial the number or a list of numbers you wish to call, then press "Autodial" to store the number in the phone. To auto dial, choose the number or numbers you wish to dial, then hit "Autodial." According to SpitFire, auto dialers will "dial numbers automatically from a database, detect the difference between Live Answers and Answering Machines or Voicemail, and deliver a pre-recorded message (that you record yourself)."

Conference others by hitting the "Conference" key and dialing the number you wish to call. Press "Conference" again.

Dial a number outside the building by entering the external access number (in some cases this is a "9"), and then the number.

Dial internally, or within the company, by dialing the four-digit extension number of the person you're trying to reach.

Listen to your messages by dialing your own extension, then hit "Message."

Assign numbers for speed calling. Hit "Speed Call," then enter the number you wish to assign to spaces one through the highest allowable number. Press "Speed Call" after assigning the number.

Speed call by pressing "Speed Call," then the position the number you wish to dial is placed, in positions one through the highest number allowed by your phone.

Transfer a call while on a call by hitting "Transfer," the four-digit number of the call recipient and "Transfer" again.