Nortel network phones are commonly found in offices and call centers, as they can manage a number of incoming telephone lines and internal extensions. The network phones use a key system unit, or KSU, to run the system and manage the internal and external lines . KSUs are available in a range of configurations, such as 3-by-8, 6-by-16 or 8-by-24, that refer to the number of incoming lines and phone stations they can manage. An 8-by-24 KSU, for example can manage eight incoming lines, and 24 phone stations. Reprogramming the system to rename an extension needs to be performed using a system administration phone, which has more functions than a normal phone station. Phone models M7324, M7310 or T7316 can all be used to rename an extension.

Log in to a Nortel system administration phone, either a model M7324, M7310 or T7316, by press the following keys:

FEATURE * * 2 6 6 3 4 4

Enter the system password. If the default password has not been changed, press:

2 6 6 3 4 4

The phone's display will change to show "A. Configuration."

Press the "Next" key to move to the next menu option. The phone's display will show "B. General Admin." Press the "Show" key to select the option. The phone's display will show "1. Sys Speed Dial."

Press the "Next" key, and the phone's display will show "2. Names." Press the "Show" key to select the option, and the display will change to "Set names." Press the "Show" key again to select.

Type in the number of the extension that you want to change at the "Show set:" prompt on the phone's display.

Press the "Change" key to edit the name attached to the extension. Type in the name using the phone's keypad. For example, to enter "B," press the "2" key twice and then press the "#" key to confirm the letter. Up to seven letters can be entered for the person's name.

Press the "Next" key, which saves the new name in the system's memory. Press the "RLS" key to end the system programming. The new name will be shown when calls are made from the extension.


Use the Nortel programming overlays for the system administration phones to help show the correct keys until you are familiar with system programming.


Be careful not to change any options you are unsure of, as incorrect settings could leave extensions inoperable.