You may already be using the Microsoft Outlook software to store contact information from customers and clients’ business cards, and possibly even using those details to send emails. Go from storing business cards to creating your own within Outlook by taking advantage of Outlook’s card creator. Design your own virtual business card, do a trial run for the real thing with a couple of quick clicks or store custom cards in a virtual organizer.

Step 1.

Open Outlook. Click the “Contacts” link in the bottom-left corner of the window.

Step 2.

Double-click the main, blank workspace in the middle of the Outlook screen, where it says “Double-click here to create a new Contact.” The “Untitled -- Contact” window opens.

Step 3.

Click the “Business Card” button in the middle of the ribbon/toolbar near the top of the window. The “Edit Business Card” window opens.

Step 4.

Scroll through the list of items in the “Fields” column. Click once on a field, such as “Full Name,” to highlight it. Type that line’s information into the “text box” above the word “Label” in the “Edit” section. The business card words appear on the business card in the top-left section of the window as they are typed.

Step 5.

Add additional fields and information to the card. Shift lines of text up or down by clicking one of the arrow buttons on the window.

Step 6.

Click the “Change” button next to the word “Image,” if you want to change the image, for example to your company logo. Browse to a company logo or other image file. Double-click the image file name and the logo appears on the business card.

Step 7.

Change the text’s appearance on the card by clicking that field line and clicking the small “A” box with a red underline. Choose a new text color and click “OK.”

Step 8.

Click the small paint bucket icon next to the word “Background.” Choose a background color for the business card and click “OK.”

Step 9.

Click the “OK” button to close the “Edit Business Card” window. Note the business card now appears in the “Untitled -- Contact” window. Add information to the contact window as desired (it may be a repeat of the information added to the business card) and click the “Save & Close” button.