The American International Group is an international insurance organization working with commercial, institutional and individual consumers. Vendors can provide business as a certified AIG insurance vendor who offers general insurance, financial services, domestic and foreign life insurance and retirement services internationally. Companies can file a vendor/business entity packet for certification as an AIG vendor and will become subject to the terms and code of conduct of a registered AIG entity.

Things You Will Need
  • AIG: Certification Program Application - Vendor/Business Entity Packet

  • AIG: Applicant Worksheet

  • C-2 Form: Principal-Employee-Consultant-Subcontractor Application

  • C-3 Form: The Fair Credit Reporting Act Consumer Disclosure and General Authorization

Step 1.

Obtain the necessary "Certification Program Application - Vendor/Business Entity Packet" to become an AIG registered vendor. Each principal (anyone also considered the owner who holds 5 percent or greater interest in the business) and every employee, subcontractor or consultant must fill out each section of the packet along with the applicant. Although AIG understands that you may not complete everything on the application, provide as much accurate information that you have available, or AIG will have to contact you requesting additional information.

Step 2.

Complete the application worksheet by writing in all the names of the principals, consultants, subcontractors and employees. Check the appropriate box to indicate their titles in the business. You must include this worksheet with the certification application to qualify as an AIG vendor. Write in the vendor name, the fictitious name or DBA (doing business as), the date the company was formed, along with the current address. Include your phone and fax number as well as an email address.

Step 3.

Provide the date when the business began operating at the current address, the parent business's name, the vendor's federal tax identification number, prior address information for the past 7 years, and the SIC code or type of business. For AIG to conduct a background check, you must have the AIG information regarding the manager's name, phone number, security contact, email and the company or department code. Complete this section by filling in the number of employees, consultants and subcontractors who will represent your vendor business at AIG.

Step 4.

Fill out the remaining information before signing and dating the application. Make sure every principal, employee, consultant and subcontractor completes a C-2 application along with a C-3, Fair Credit Reporting Act Consumer Disclosure and General Authorization, application. For your own personal records, make photocopies of all materials. Have all application packets returned to you before sending them to AIG.


An AIG India Criminal Record Verification Release Form must be completed for any applicant along with employees, consultants and subcontractors who has resided in India during the past 7 years. It does not need to be completed for any United States addresses. Include your signature and date understanding the release of background check information.