When you hire a new employee, a number of forms must be completed and submitted to legally work in the United States. Your company might also require the new worker to fill out additional forms that are specific to the company. Typically, these forms are completed early in the day on the employee's first day of work.


A W-4 is a U.S. tax document that all new employees must fill out. It lists the employee's Social Security number and tax exemptions. The form allows employers to determine how much tax money to withhold from each paycheck. Employees can usually change their exemption information throughout their career with your company.


An I-9 is another government form that must be completed by new employees. It verifies the employee's legal ability to work in the United States. It is required by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Citizenship and Immigration Services. Employees must submit basic information including name, Social Security number and citizenship status. Employees also must supply documentation along with this form to prove they are eligible to work in the United States. Documentation examples include a current passport, state issued I.D. and Social Security card.

Company Forms

Your company might also have forms for employees to fill out and submit on their first day of work. For example, you might have a company handbook, and a form for employees to sign indicating that they have read and understand all company policies. You also might require employees to sign a confidentiality agreement that prohibits employees from sharing sensitive company information with anyone outside of the company.

Other Forms

A variety of other forms might be required by your company as well. These include a drug and alcohol policy acknowledgment form, sexual harassment form or basic personal information form that includes the employee's name, phone number, address, birthday and spouse and child information. Employees might also need to fill out an emergency contact form so you know who to contact in case of an emergency at work.