How to Locate Grants for Free

The federal government and state governments make grants, which are forms of free funding, available to nonprofit charities, scientific organizations and small businesses. In contrast to other forms of financing, governments do not require organizations to repay or pay interest on grant money. Small businesses and nonprofit organizations can use government grants to help offset the costs of new projects, expansion or exploratory planning and research. You can use the federally run, noncommercial websites and to search for government grants for your organization at no cost.

Navigate to the home page. Select "Find Grant Opportunities" on the upper-left of the web page.

Click "Basic Search." The website will take you to the grant search screen.

Type a keyword such as "business," "expansion" or "charity" into the "Keyword Search" bar. Click "Search" to find available grants.

Go to's funding search page.

Select the options that apply to you from the right side of the search page. For instance, you can select "financing for a new business," "financing for rural businesses" or "I'm a member of the military."

Use the drop-down menus to choose your business' industry and the state in which your business is located. Click "Search" to go to the results page. You will find available grants listed under the "Grants" header at the bottom-left corner of the page.


  • If you do not find any suitable grants, try broadening your search terms or using different keywords. The search function will include other sources of financing, such as loans, along with grants.



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