Sharp’s business calculators can print your calculation on a paper roll. This is a useful feature if you perform long and elaborate calculations and want to check them. It’s also useful to provide a record of a calculation. After a while, the print ribbon can become worn or can dry out. You’ll see print output becoming faint, which will give you an indication it’s time to change the print ribbon.

Remove the paper roll from the calculator by tearing it and lifting the paper holder up. Set the power switch to "off," and then remove the printer cover by sliding it toward the rear of the calculator. Remove the worn ribbon.

Place one of the new print ribbon reels on the right reel shaft. The rear of the ribbon should face upwards. Thread the ribbon around the outside of the metal guides, and add the second reel to the second shaft. Take up slack by turning one of the reels.

Replace the printer cover and the roll of paper. Lift the paper holder up and fold the leading edge of the paper a couple of inches. Insert the paper from the left side of the holder. The paper should feed from the bottom. Insert the leading edge of the paper into the opening right behind the print mechanism. Press the paper feed key, and feed the paper under the cutter. Don’t pull the paper backwards.