How to Accept Online Credit Card Payments

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Accepting credit card payments online can make it possible to automate your business and potentially make money 24 hours a day. By automating the selling process of your product, customers will appreciate the convenience and will be more likely to purchase your products. Once you get it set up, customers can get on your website, click on a product that they want to purchase and then be taken to a screen where they can enter their credit card information.

Apply for an online merchant account with one of the many providers available. One of the most popular providers for smaller businesses is PayPal (see Resources), which makes it possible to take credit cards as well as PayPal account payments. Many customers prefer to use PayPal because they do not have to give the merchant their credit card number. Regardless of which merchant account provider you choose, you will have to complete an application to access the credit card processing service. Provide the required information on the application, which will include information about you and your business as well as details about where credit card payments will be directed.

Choose the preferences for your account once you are accepted into the program. After the merchant accepts you, you will most likely have to make a few choices regarding how you want to accept the payments. There may be different grades of business accounts. Some of the options might require a monthly fee while others can be free. You can also choose what your checkout button will look like on your website. You can set the price for your products at this point and input item descriptions.

Obtain the HTML code that you need from the merchant and put it into your site. Once you set up your preferences with your merchant, you'll be offered a piece of HTML code that you can put into your website. It may appear in a text box on the the card services provider's site. Select the code and copy it, then open your website editor and navigate to the page where you'll want the payment button. Find the location where you want to put your checkout button; placing the button right by the product description is the best idea. Paste the code into the page in the desired location. Once you update the changes to your site, you should see a "Buy Now" button or something similar on your page. When buyers click on it, they can use their credit card to buy your product.



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