How to Apply for a South Carolina Tax ID Number

If you do business in South Carolina, you are required to obtain a South Carolina Tax ID Number. The exact taxes you will have to pay depends upon the nature of your business. For example, if you have employees, you are required to withhold taxes from your their income and forward those to the South Carolina Department of Revenue; and if you are a retailer, you must collect sales tax and forward that tax to the government. One form registers you with the state for business tax purposes.

Download and print form SCTC-111 (see Resources), South Carolina Department of Revenue Business Tax Application.

Fill the form out completely. You'll need to supply information about yourself and your business, such as type of ownership and type of business.

Sign the application. The business owner, all partners, or a corporate officer must sign the document otherwise it will be rejected.

Enclose a $50 fee for a retail sales license, if you are required to have one. If you are a retailer and sell items in South Carolina, you are required to have a retail sales license.

Mail the form to: SC Department of Revenue, Registration Unit, Columbia, South Carolina 29214-0410.


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