You may have a solid business idea, but you need funding to turn an idea into a successful business. A grant can be the ideal source to help launch your business. Grants are free and never have to be repaid. You can apply for a government grant or a grant from a private organization. Some companies charge for information on finding grants. However, with a little effort, you can find grants on your own to start your business.

Go to to search for small business grants. This website is the best source to locate and apply for federal grants. Search for grants by keyword or agency. Numerous agencies, including as the U.S. Department of Labor and the National Science Foundation, offer a variety of grants for small business owners. You must complete the registration process by supplying your personal information. After registration, you can apply for grants.

Obtain grant information from the Small Business Administration. This agency is devoted to helping small business owners succeed. It provides up-to-date grant opportunities offered by the government, private individuals and organizations. Small Business Administration branches are located in every state.

Search for private grants. You can search online or in your community for grants. Check the eligibility requirements, which can be quite specific, before applying. You can also search for grants designated for your ethnicity or business. There are many grants for women and minorities. Count Me In is an organization that raises money from women to help women business owners.

Write a grant proposal. To apply for grants to start a business, you must write a proposal introducing yourself and your business idea. Explain exactly how you would use the grant money. Include a budget and list of estimated expenses. Check with the agency that makes the grants to ensure that you submit all required information and application forms.