How to Create a Program Brochure

A brochure is an ideal tool to use for advertising. Brochures come in different formats, usually containing one or more folds to create a miniature book-style advertisement. Program brochures are suitable for promoting any type of event, simply because they allow you to fill the pages with plenty of information and still keeps it looking neat and tidy. While there are many software programs that help you set up a brochure, making one on your own using Microsoft Word is inexpensive and easy.

Determine the layout you want for your program brochure. If you have many events and information to share. a z-fold may be sufficient to present the events sequentially, while a barrel fold may be suitable for a single event.

Adjust the layout of your program brochure. Click “File” then select “Page Setup” to change margins or orientation. For a brochure, you will want the orientation of the paper to be landscape (horizontal). Adjust the margins to your liking, though many brochures have minimal margins equaling one-half inch.

Create the number of columns you want in your program brochure. If you have a small amount of information to share, two columns may be sufficient, while three will be needed for larger events or information. To ensure spacing is even between columns, have double the space between the columns as you do the margins. For example, if you used a half-inch margin, you will want the spacing between columns to be one inch.

Incorporate page breaks into the brochure to keep it looking neat and organized. Click “Tools > Options > View” and add a check mark next to "Text Boundaries and Paragraph Marks," then click "OK."

Format the text. Some fonts are harder to read than others. Simplicity is often best when creating a brochure so a large group of people can easily read it for pertinent information.

Add pictures to the brochure if desired. To insert your picture, click “Insert Picture” and select it from your file on the computer. Only use pictures that are relevant, not to fill empty space.

Print the program brochure. Load the printer with paper based on printing instructions. Once you have the page printed, you may take it to a copier for large-quantity printing and folding.