The Sharp EL-2192RII calculator allows you to print out the data you are calculating, has large and easy-to-read buttons, and has a computer-style keyboard. This calculator has the option to figure out taxes on a number with the push of a button. Users of this calculator will find that it is designed to be simple to use and that it will be a useful addition to the office.

Step 1.

Plug the AC power adapter into an electrical outlet and place the calculator on a flat surface such as a desk or table.

Step 2.

Press the "On" and "Off" buttons to turn the calculator on and off.

Step 3.

Feed the printing paper into the printer section of the calculator. Press "Enter" a few times so that the paper is brought up to the level you want it. Place the roll of paper in the slot at the top of the calculator. The paper should be no larger than 58 mm wide and 80 mm in diameter, according to the Sharp EL-2192RII manual.

Step 4.

Press the "On" button and type in a math problem. The operators are "*", "-", "/" and "+"; then press the "=" button.

Step 5.

Press the "Tax" button on the Sharp EL-2192RII calculator if you need to calculate the tax amount.

Step 6.

Press the "Print" button to turn the Sharp EL-219RII printer on and off.


Clean the calculator with a dry or damp cloth.


Do not expose your calculator to liquids.