Aside from customers being drawn to auctions across the world for a quick bargain, many are seduced by the orderly and iconic swoon of the auctioneer's chant -- the sound that has accompanied and facilitated the fast divestment of millions of those bargains for centuries. In 2004, according to the National Auctioneers Association, auctioneers divested about $217 billion of goods and services across the United States. You can learn the chant, and the particulars of valuation, and start taking part in that industry today. Just sound legit before you start.

Step 1.

Memorize the basic chant. The basic framework of the auctioneer's chant, which is subject to intensive abbreviation:

Auctioneers learn to insert several different denominations -- and shortening phrases -- into this basic text, like "I got 5 would-a bid 10, 10 would-a bid 15" or "We'll start at $100, can I get two? Got 200 can I get three?"

Practice these drills.

Step 2.

Sign up for an online auctioneer's school a list of NAA-accredited schools is available at Though it isn't required, it will help you network, land jobs and learn the full scope of the business.

Step 3.

Keep studying the tapes of professional auctioneers. Audio and video clips of expert auctioneers can prepare you for doing the task yourself. Valuation is one thing, but abbreviating coherently -- and creatively -- is a skill that takes years to master.