A trucking company business requires several licenses including IFTA license, state permits and business registration certificates. The bulk of the cost of starting a trucking company is in hiring or purchasing trucks. Depending on the nature of the loads you would like to freight, trailer specifications can vary from large haulers to small light container trucks. Interstate trucking requires more permits than trucking businesses that operate within the state. Details are available at the Georgia State Department of Transport for starters.

Register the company name with the Entrepreneurial register. Then obtain an identification number and certificate of state and tax registration from Georgia's Secretary of State Office. You will be required to pay a registration fee.

Purchase or hire trucks. Hired trucks must be registered and in good working condition. Purchasing new trucks is more expensive but cost effective in the long run. New trucks must also be registered and insured.

Get a bonding insurance license for the trucking company from a transport insurance firm. This coverage will insulate the company from heavy settlements in case of loss, accidents or damage in the line of duty.

Complete an International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) form in the Georgia State Department of Transport. You will then be given a permit. It will facilitate reporting on fuel taxes for interstate truck transport and eliminates extra charges and the need for permits when trucks operate outside the state in which the company is registered.

Hire drivers. The drivers should have Commercial Driving Licenses (CDL). They will take an exam; undergo background checks on their driving histories before being given permits. Drivers with experience in driving heavy trucks are ideal. You can hire drivers directly or through a transport agency in your state.

Set up the office from which correspondence, managerial and coordination duties will be based. The office will require furniture, stationery and a clerical resource person. You should only set up new office premises with the approval of state authorities. A less taxing option is to rent an established premise.

Advertise the business. You can do this in the local papers, telephone directories, classified or Cost Per Click Internet adverts, or by making direct calls. Put posters in community halls, residential notice boards and town centers for better visibility.