When you set up a professional corporation in Florida, you will file articles of incorporation with the Florida Secretary of State. A professional corporation must differentiate itself from other corporations by designating that it is a professional association (corporation) in its name. What constitutes a professional association is different in each state, but it is usually one that requires a license such as is applicable to doctors and lawyers.

Step 1.

See if the name you want to use for your corporation is in use. Search for it on the Florida Department of State’s Division of Corporations website. (See Resources.)

Step 2.

File the Profit Articles of Incorporation with the Florida Secretary of State. The articles must include the organization’s name. A professional association (or professional corporation) must include “P.A.,” “professional association,” or “chartered” in its name. The articles must also include the corporation’s address, business purpose and the number of authorized shares of stock for the corporation. The articles should also include the name and address of the incorporator and registered agent in Florida.

Step 3.

Include payment of $35 for the filing fee, $35 for the designation of registered agent, and $8.75 if you desire a certified copy. If you want a certificate of status, include an additional $8.75.

Mail your articles and fees to: Secretary of State Division of Corporations P.O. Box 6327 Tallahassee, FL 32314

Call 850-245-6052 if you have questions about mailing your forms.

Another option is to deliver them in person to: Secretary of State Division of Corporations Clifton Building 2661 Executive Center Circle Tallahassee, FL 32301

Call 850-245-6052 if you have questions about delivering your forms in person.


Contact your local tax and business permit authorities for information about complying with local tax and permit/license laws.

Register your business with the Florida Department of Revenue to ensure your business will comply with state tax laws.