Many businesses use “10 keys” or “printing” calculators, also known as adding machines, to calculate math equations. Printing calculators use adding tape (or tape rolls) to have a detail printout of the calculations used. Printing calculations are used when calculating totals for cash registers, bookkeeping or for budgeting reasons, to name a few uses. Eventually, the printing calculator will run out of paper and need to be replaced.

Step 1.

Pull the empty tape roll from the paper holder arm by sliding it off. The paper holder arm is located at the top of the calculator and holds the adding tape in place.

Step 2.

Fold about 0.5 cm of the starter strip in a straight line. Be sure not to fold the paper on a slant or it may not feed into the calculator correctly.

Step 3.

Insert the adding tape from the left side on the paper holder arm. The adding tape should feed from the bottom of the adding tape.

Step 4.

Feed the folded edge of the tape in the print mechanism opening and press the “Feed” key button. The adding tape should feed through the calculator; tear any excess tape from the calculator.