From small to large, new projects are launched daily in organizations, but they all have one thing in common: they need to be launched. The method in which a new project is launched sets the stage for the execution of the project. The key to launching a new project is to focus on the goals and objectives, and, as stated in CIO magazine, “Plan Ahead.” Approach your new project launch with the focus on the five Ps: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Launching a new project right will be your first step to success on the project as a whole.

Step 1.

Gather the right team together for the launch. Ensure you have the team leaders and sponsor at the new project launch. This will show the audience that the project is backed by senior management and supported by a strong team.

Step 2.

Invite the right audience. Depending on the project goals and objectives, invite the individuals or groups that will be affected when your project is completed. If your project is a new building in a neighborhood, the audience will be the neighborhood owners, who will be affected by the project construction as well as the end project of the building.

Step 3.

Illustrate the project goals. Clearly illustrate to your audience the project goals by presenting them in their point of view. If at the end of the project the goal is to integrate two systems, illustrate how this will be accomplished and why this goal can be important to them.

Step 4.

Highlight the project objectives. When launching your project, make sure everyone is aware of the objectives for the project. An objective is something that will be the result of the project being completed. Using the example of integrating two systems, as a result of the integration all data will be in one place for end-users to access.

Step 5.

Present your timelines and milestones to everyone. Present to everyone your start and end dates, as well as the important dates in between that will be relevant to your audience.

Step 6.

Make available the location where on-going project information can be found. During or after the launch of your new project, share the location of your project data so that individuals can access on-going information.


Keep your launch simple