Community service projects enrich the lives of those performing the service and those on the receiving end. A community service project plan guides the planning of the event to ensure all bases are covered. The plan outlines all details of the project from the beginning to the follow up. Thorough planning makes the project more effective in its scope and impact on the community.

1. Step 1

Create a community service project committee to help with the planning process. This helps distribute the workload. Having more minds working on the project also helps generate more ideas.

2. Step 2

Identify the project the group will perform. Look at the specific needs within the community as well as established charitable organizations you can assist.

3. Step 3

Define the project goals. List all of the expected outcomes of the project in very specific goal statements. These goals help guide the project planning process.

4. Step 4

Refer to the goals to create a list of the tasks that need to be completed for the event. This might include securing a location, buying supplies, asking for donations and advertising the event. Divide the responsibilities between the committee members to ensure everything is covered.

5. Step 5

Develop a time line for the project. Identify the project date. Fill in all of the steps necessary to complete in order for the project to be a success. Add completion dates for each step. Refer to the time line throughout the project to ensure you are staying on track.

6. Step 6

Create a schedule for the day of the event. Include all of the setup and preparation as well as the time for the actual event.

7. Step 7

Identify the participants in the community service project. If you're involved with a specific group, such as a youth group or women's group, you already have your participants. If you wish to involve more of the community, create a plan for recruiting volunteers. This might include press releases, email campaigns, bulletin board posters and direct mailings.

8. Step 8

Create an assessment to determine how well the group meets the project goals. This might include a questionnaire, interviews of those you helped or a committee meeting to discuss the event.