How to Write a Project Plan or Draft

by Art Corvelay ; Updated September 26, 2017
Scheduling is a large part of project planning.

Project planning is an important step in the life cycle of any project. Writing a project plan should be done in the planning stages of a project and should be revised if necessary throughout the project. There are several key components that every project plan should include. Writing a project plan can be accomplished if you know exactly what kind of content and information to include in the plan.

Outline the scope of the project and write a short introduction describing the project. This introduction should include a brief description of the project, the stakeholders, and the time line.

Define and write the project goals. Project goals should be succinct and measurable. These should not be abstract, but instead be well-defined. It should be clear what constitutes success or failure to reach each goal.

Define and write the project deliverables. These are physical deliverables that are defined based on the project goals. Each goal should produce a set of deliverables.

Create a work breakdown structure. This is one of the most important components when writing a project plan. A work breakdown structure describes each task involved in meeting goals and producing deliverables. You should attach a time, usually described in hours, to each task along with someone responsible for completing the task. Finally, it is good practice to include a list of deliverables attached to each task as well.

Include a description of both human and other resources that will be necessary to complete the project. You can describe each team member and their role in the project. You can also include other resources that will be necessary to complete the project, such as any equipment needed.

Determine and write up a budget for the project if funds are needed to complete the project. Be sure to include a detailed explanation describing why you are requesting the funds.

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