Project Coordinator Objectives

by Michelle Hickman ; Updated September 26, 2017
Project coordinators manage projects of all sizes during development and production.

A project coordinator handles a company's project procedures, whether the project deals with product, software or building development. A project manager coordinates the project from the planning phase to the completion phase as well as handling how to market the project to a large customer base.

Project Management

Project coordinators develop and monitor a project's requirements during the planning phase. The coordinator outlines all the necessary resources the project will require to reach the completion date along with continually adjusting the process to fit the necessary specifications in case of developmental problems. A project coordinator works with the project to help it succeed in the most cost-effective manner.

Personnel Supervision

The project coordinator assigns certain parts of the project to the most appropriate staff who will bring the project to completion during the specified time schedule. The project coordinator works with a small or large team, implementing the best working conditions to receive the staff's full potential toward the project. The project coordinator will continually meet with staff to gauge the progress of the project and handle any arising issues.

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Goal Objectives

Project coordinators keep the project's implementation in mind to reach the company's goals. The coordinator will review the project's budget, time schedule and risk assessment so that the project is finished within specified guidelines while still obtaining the best quality for the customer's needs. Once the project reaches completion, the project manager will review phase documentation and note the areas that need improvement to meet the next project's goals more effectively and efficiently.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is another important objective for the project coordinator. She must develop a marketing agenda on how the project will fare against the competition, who the customer base will be and how to fairly price the project so that the company will make a profit. With a well-developed marketing strategy, the project coordinator knows what needs to be accomplished with the project so that it will succeed on the market.

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