How to Amend a Delaware Annual Franchise Tax Report

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Tax reporting is a particularly frantic duty for corporations whose information is acquired off site, and many of these corporations are registered in Delaware. Stock shares or last minute changes in directors can happen without an officer's knowledge. Even something as simple as a change in officer's address can nullify the information previously submitted to the Delaware Division of Corporations.


Gather a copy of your previously submitted Delaware Franchise Report and the information needing to be amended.

Go to the website for the Delaware Division of Corporations and click on the button under the heading "File Your Annual Report and Pay Business Taxes." Enter the SCC file number from your previous report.


Click through the report and change the necessary information. You should not have to pay the tax again, and the Corporation Division will update your file with all of the new information.


Call the office of the Corporation Division at 302-739-3077, ext. 1898, if you still have questions.



    • Double check before you send in your amendments that all of the information is indeed the same.



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